Home Styling and Presentation

Christopher and Lindy Wright writes:

"When we asked our friends to recommend an agent, Richard Wells's name kept cropping up, so we met, we listened to his advice and then we instructed him to sell our property. We were working away from home at the time, so it was essential not only that we have an agent we could trust absolutely, but also someone who would take the trouble to present our home to its best advantage. Richard proved a great choice. He gave us valuable tips on presentation, and importantly, he acted on his own advice that viewers will pretty much decide within the first minute of walking through your door whether they like your property ... or not. For example, when our home went on the market in September, there were several very cold snaps, not to mention gale-force winds, so to avoid having viewers walk into a chilly house, Richard would go up the day before and switch on the heating, and also tidy up plant containers outside the front door which had been blown over. We can truly say that he treated the selling of our house as if he were selling his own home, and you can't ask better than that."

The saying that 'you don't get a second chance at making a first impression' has never been more true. The internet is now the first window through which viewers peer. Home styling and presentation have become a vital element of today's property market, with the majority of buyers now deciding whether to go and view a property or not, as the case may be, purely on the photographs and description they see on the internet. Yet maximising your property's internet appeal need not involve wholesale change or upheaval.

Successful viewings can benefit from attention to detail in other areas. Once they actually walk through your door, the majority of homebuyers truly will form their first impressions within seconds, so if sellers are to attract the best buyers and the best prices it pays to look closely at the presentation of their property from the outside as well as in.

Styling to sell can often be difficult to do yourself and may benefit from objective guidance based on in-depth experience. I can provide such advice, if required, as to how you can maximise the sale potential of your home, making it stand out from the crowd and adding value.